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Use Bento DS for free or get access to a set of valuable features that will help you build incredible digital experiences faster and effortlessly.


Use our open-source libraries for free and discover how they can help you streamline development and design workflows.
Complete Figma library
Complete React library
Feature request
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Enhanced tech support
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Prioritized response time


/ year
for teams up to 5 devs
Provide your team with guaranteed response time on any ticket and issues and dedicated support from our developer and designer experts.
Complete Figma library
Complete React library
Feature request
Enhanced tech support
Prioritized response time


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for teams with 5+ devs
Interested in discovering how Bento DS can streamline processes for large teams?

We would be happy to work with you to create a tailor-made offer that meets the specific needs of your team.

Unlock full Bento DS potential with the add-ons

Maximize the potential of Bento DS with our add-ons: expert customization, migration consultancy, and accessibility reports for your products.
Brand Manual is used to create custom Bento DS theme

Library Theme Configuration

Give us your brand manual and receive a tailor-made customization carefully crafted by our experts.
€ 3.000

Bento DS Migration Audit

Learn how to easily migrate your design and code to Bento DS.
Streamline your libraries and benefit from faster workflows, enhanced collaboration, and beautiful interfaces.
Existing components are rationalized using Bento DS
Buttons color contrast is checked and made accessible

Accessibility Audit

Ensure your website is accessible with our expert reviews, actionable insights, and intervention roadmap.
€ 15.000

What's inside?

Explore all the tools and features Bento DS offers to enhance your design and development experience.
Colors page in the Bento DS Figma file

Figma library

An extensive UI kit that collects foundations, components, their variants, and charts for data visualization.
Download the UI kit

React library

The React library is 100% cohesive with the Figma UI kit for frictionless development handoff.
Download the repository
visual regression tests
Bento DS React library code for Hello World!
Example of the feature request form

Feature request

Share your ideas and feedback on how we can improve and create a better design system for you and your team:
  • Propose new features.
  • Suggest new components.
  • Improve the developer and design experience.
Together, let's build a better Bento DS!

Enhanced tech support

Enjoy exclusive access to a dedicated team of experts ready to provide guidance and support on any technical issues.

So whether you're seeking design advice or development assistance, our team is here to help you unleash the full potential of Bento DS.
Example of the bug report form
Bento DS issue board

Prioritized response time

Rely on expedited support for your inquiries, ensuring timely and efficient resolution of any issues.

Minimizes potential downtime or delays in your work, so you can focus on creating exceptional digital experiences with Bento DS.

Ready to create your design system?

Discover all the features Bento DS can offer to make your next project fast, consistent, and scalable.