Ready. Set.

Design System.

A streamlined design and development approach brings many benefits but also high production and maintenance costs.
Bento combines the ease of using an existing design system with the versatility and adaptability of a tailor-made one, thanks to its broad range of customizations.

Nice and ready...

Bento comes out of the box with a modern and polished theme that you can immediately use in your applications.
We've created a clean and professional theme, perfect for quickly designing and implementing your every idea.
Design high-fidelity mockups in minutes and implement them without handoff documentation thanks to our perfectly mirrored Figma and React libraries.





... but deeply customizable

Bento can be tailored to your needs through a fast and guided setup.
Choose your colors, customize the typography, soften the corners of the buttons or make them edgier.
With its thousands configuration options, Bento lets you customize the design system theme and the component appearance to reflect the look & feel of your brand and product.


A bold design system for the voice of the new generations.
We chose the boldest colors, picked lively typography, and sharpened the corners to achieve a crispy look.
With Bento, it's easy to make your design system reflect your brand's true identity.

Flexible and versatile

With Bento, you can build any digital experience, whether it's for the general public or businesses.
We've used Bento to build numerous B2B and B2C products and services in the past years. It can replicate and enhance any existing designs or give you the building blocks to quickly build great interfaces from scratch.


Building a software from scratch.
VivaCyte is a software dedicated to managing laboratory machinery.
Cellply asks us for a design founded on usability best practices but simultaneously for an eye-catching look that would allow them to stand out from their competitors.


Slash ID

Reproducing a given design and implementing it.
Rebuilding existing mock-ups with a design system may seem like taking a step backward, but often allows us to assess the consistency, accessibility, and scalability of a product.
This small but valuable investment ensures that your software will be future-proof.

Cyber Security

Complex systems, easy and delightful

Complex flows turn into beautiful interfaces without compromising usability and accessibility.
You no longer have to choose between aesthetics and functionality. Bento is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprise-level projects with complex interfaces that handle large amounts of data.

Manage intricate flows

Jobtome asked us to design their flows to be easy to use and let the brand shine.
The great variety of Bento components covers many different product scenarios.
However, sometimes you need to create something truly unique. In that case, we provide you with all the essential building blocks to allow you to build the perfect components for your product.

Create complex editors

Cellply asked us to create a powerful editor that includes all the best features of their software.
Bento's powerful customization options let you manage even the densest screens.
Whether your interface is responsive or pixel-perfect, Bento gives you all the tools and golden rules to create the best possible experience for your users.
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